As annoying and scary bees can be, they really are a very important part in our ecosystem. Without bees we would have way less crops. Yes we can plant and grow fruits, vegetables and flowers ourselves but the bees do help quite a bit with this planting and growing process. The fact that so many bees die/are killed a year is a little saddening because all they’re trying to do is what’s hardwired into their brains: pollinate. Bees really only know how to do two things, reproduce and pollinate. And it bothers me that people only kill them because they’re “bothersome” and “annoying.” Personally, I’m not a huge fan of bees but I’m not about to go out of my way to kill one just because it buzzed around my head a few times. I feel like people really take bees for granted because they don’t fully realize the extent that bees help us maintain our ecosystem.


One thought on “Bees

  1. I was surprised by the impact of bees had too! I had no idea farmers shipped bees across the United States for pollinating crops, are these only organic farms? There have to be other ways to pollinate, right??

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