Vegan friendly and smells good too!



For a long time I have been a fan of this particular brand of bath products from a company called LUSH. Honestly not only do they feel good on skin to begin with, but they are made with all natural ingredients and most of the products are vegan friendly. 

To begin with one of the most used ingredients in their products is Shea butter which they get directly from a special group of women in africa and in turn help to support their village financially. They also have a container recycling program in which if you bring back 5 empty pots, you get a free face mask. Which by the way they will not sell over the internet because its fresh ingredients have to be kept refrigerated.

They also are activists. They support no animal testing and make a point of saying so in their labels. Which by the way have a picture of the very person that hand crafted that batch of product.

Because they are made with real ingredients that you can actually pronounce, the smells they produce are just great! My personal favorite is the Comforter Bubble Bar, a bright pink dry clay bar that you break off a piece and run it under the hot water for one of the best bubble baths you have ever had!

Sadly their closest shop to us is brandon but its well worth it to pick some products up when you can! 


2 thoughts on “Vegan friendly and smells good too!

  1. I just checked out their website and it looks amazing! I have been looking for a good brand of shampoo and conditioner for a while. I am also getting some for my friend who is vegan and I know she will love this!

  2. Huge fan of LUSH, they do a really great job producing organic and using natural ingredients. None of there products could be mainstream though, it’s just not cost effective enough and too expensive. Unfortunately, the majority of people will never get to experience the beauty of natural!

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