The Cove



I had heard about this documentary before, but this is the first time that I saw it. It is incredibly disturbing. The dolphins are so human-like that it seems very similar to watching a massacre. I remember when I was younger my parents brought us to sea world on vacation and we went to one of the shows where they make the aquatic animals do tricks. I was young at the time and so it seemed like harmless fun and I’m sure that my parents, who grew up with the flipper TV show didn’t think much about it either. Nowadays it seems like an obvious question of ethics to detain and parade animals in this way. And not just dolphins. Even when I go to Mote Marine Aquarium here in Sarasota, which is non-profit for scientific research, I still wonder why the dolphin is living in a concrete swimming pool. It seems strange to me that people can be aware of the nature of these animals and the issues surrounding their sale and captivity and still continue as usual. People under immense economic pressure will do things that they wouldn’t otherwise, but in this situation in the cove it seemed that their was also a tight knit culture built around it that persuaded people that it was okay.


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