The Cove

Wow, this documentary actually made me cry. I can’t believe people actually do this kind of thing. Tho to be honest I can’t blame them entirely for this. Nowadays people are all about money. Sometimes it’s not even greed, but more like self preservation. Disregarding other beings in the planet because they want to live or because they believe they are better and thus are entitled to life more then any other being. I think part of it is also Japan’s way of thinking. I know a lot of Asian people tend to think of themselves as higher than other beings, not speaking for everyone, but from personal experience, specially older and more traditional generations. Well I’m loosing track here, lets get back to the main point, I don’t really blame this people. Yes its really bad, but they’ve all been brainwashed into this by money and their government.

One thing that struck me was that in the list at the very end of the people who supported Japan was the name of my home country… I just thought that was so hypocritical of them because Ecuador is supposed one of the most abundant fauna and flora places in South America and everyone is so proud of it, and yet they are supporting this sort of thing. Then again, sometimes the right thing to do is the not right. For example recently our president allowed oil drilling in one of our national parks. Here is the article for anyone interested.  Sometimes less developed countries can’t do much against better developed countries and to be honest, a lot of people don’t seem to care for wildlife preservation anymore.


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