Safe and Healthy foods

These days it’s really hard to trust where the fishes are coming from and how safe it is to eat.

I heard from my mother back in Korea that many people stopped eating fish after Fukushima nuclear incident happened. They think the sea is not safe to have foods from there. It is partly true but also, fisherman’s are having so much pain because nobody wants to buy fish anymore. 

Many worries from people made the government investigate the radio activeness of the fishes and many of the fish was discovered to be safe. Government are restricting the fishes that is imported from Japan. 

However, I think that it is not about restricting the fish from Japan won’t help that much because the ocean is a whole one thing. It will be polluted within years and it will be hard to have fishes that has low radiation. 

The documentary showed us how people are arrogant about nature and think they can control it. Like feeding chicken to the fish. 

Many foods that we are eating now is getting not safe everyday. I feel like especially America many foods are produced massively and many of them are not local, or organic and a lot of processed foods. 

Comparing the time when I was in home, my diet changed a lot. I can’t have fish at all here and all of them are expensive or frozen. I also noticed that frozen fishes are almost all farmed fishes. 

After watching the documentary I thought it is very important to have food in a safe way. But usually healthy foods are more expensive. So it’s hard for some of people to have healthy foods. However, I think healthy foods should be more cheaper because less the people touch and let the nature do the job it will be more healthier too. 



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