Radioactive Seafood?

DId you remember Fukushima earthquake and tsunami in 2011 in Japan?

nuclear energy broken from tsunami, and spilled out radioactive, water contaminated from radioactive. Japanese people scare to drink water, to eat seafood. 


“In August of 2011, the company purchased radiation testing equipment. They have been conducting daily radiation tests since September. The fish comes from an area over 200 kilometers from Fukushima Daiichi, but Takahashi understands that his company must prove that they are using uncontaminated fish. Tests are conducted on both raw fish and processed kamaboko.”

Japanese government try to reassure to people but, they gave fake information to people and want to hide true information.

“Takahashi has made his equipment available to the local government, which is using it test the town’s other seafood products. Smaller producers who lack the funds to buy their own radiation measuring equipment are thus able to prove that their goods are safe too. These tests are conducted in addition to the official tests that the prefectural government is conducting with its own equipment.”

In korea that was issue, we are surrounding country so the trader is really well. but now korean are scare to have seafood and drink water.

look up this website.


3 thoughts on “Radioactive Seafood?

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  2. I’m reluctant to automatically believe graphics found on the internet, especially when they make future projections. My main issue is that it projects that these fish are making a b-line for North America and staying there, but the currents of the ocean have a circular flow which leads me to believe they would move along the coast north and south or rebound Westward again rather than linger for several years. The impact of this radiation is extremely concerning and leads me to seriously question the judgement of the Japanese government for thinking it was a good idea to build a nuclear power plant directly on one of the world’s most active fault lines. Despite its size, Japan, as a nation, is making a lot of terrible decisions that are seriously impacting the rest of the world and I fear the problems will only get worse unless there is some way to hold international environmental offenders to a higher accountability.

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