No Impact Man Reaction..

Movie Summary: Follow the Manhattan-based Beavan family as they abandon their high consumption 5th Avenue lifestyle and try to live a year while making no net environmental impact.


Yeah so wow, that was an interesting documentary to watch. Definitely really opened my eyes too how much stuff I waste on a regular bases and how much of our planets resources we are ruining. I’ve definitely been thinking and trying to act more “green” but I will never reach No Impact Man status. I applaud Beavan and Michelle and their children on being able to do what they did because there is no way I could ever do something as intense as what they did. I try my hardest to eat better but it’s hard when you don’t really have the time or money to eat more green instead of all this processed bullshit, that being said if anyone wants to comment on this and offer me suggestions, thatd be awesome! Thanks!  Image


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