No Impact Man

No impact man is actually quite inspiring. Not only are they doing less impact on the planet, they are also bonding as a family and becoming healthier, not to mention they are probably saving a lot of money by not using things like tvs. Even though some of the things they are doing are indeed a bit extreme, like the whole no toilet paper deal.. I think a lot of what they are doing is actually great for them as a family an for the environment. To be honest I think nowadays everyone is too busy minding their own bubble. Looking at their cellphones and computers and building a wall around them. Not only between friends but between family too. Doing things the old fashioned way encourages interaction between them, which I think its sweet. Its sad because these are things that should come naturally and yet a lot of people don’t do this things anymore.

 Apart from that I feel like by distancing themselves from all these unnecessary luxuries like tvs and cars, they are actually becoming a lot healthier physically and mentally. They are exercising their brains, and exercising their bodies without having to go to the gym!

I do find that the response they got from people was really… wow, but in today’s society that’s sort of what you expect from it. Trying to take people’s comfort away is like ripping a lollipop from a kid. The kid can still leave without it, but he’d still be upset. (Wow sorry, not very good with metaphors.)


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