MMMmmmm……. Crunchy…..




Apparently for years the UN has been attempting to get the western world interested in eating insects. Specifically cockroaches. Say what you will about the little pests, but they are literally walking, or scurrying rather, sources of protein. They are easy to come by and they reproduce in lightning fast numbers. China has already had success with cockroach farms. But is it bias to say because its kind of normal and accepted in their culture? 

Eating insects goes back many years an a lot of cultures. Except our own. Some are even considered to be delicacies, and it is very common to walk through eastern countries markets and find many species of insects prepared and marinated for eating. So do you think the trend will ever catch on here as it has in other countries? Would you try one? Ive had chocolate covered ants before and they weren’t bad, not that i’m going to go out and start ordering them on my ice cream, but I think if taken slowly the trend could catch on.


2 thoughts on “MMMmmmm……. Crunchy…..

  1. Yeaaaa, honestly the idea just makes me loose my appetite. I’m not a fan of insects to begin with. The idea of eating them just makes me feel sick.

  2. You know, this is the first I’ve heard of any organized attempt to popularize the eating of bugs in the western world, and the idea really intrigues me. Looking back down our line of ancestor at our living ape ancestors, all of them include insects as a part of their diet. Gorillas in particular are known to fashion special prods to help them harvest termites from termite mounds. Rather than wondering if we could accept insects as a viable entre, I’m more curious about what happened along our cultural development that caused us to stop eating bugs. If we ever want to see this practical but unsavory option be popularized, I think the first logical step is to figure out why it was unpopularized initially. Personally, if it was shown to be safe and prepared correctly, I would be more than willing to try whatever creepy-crawly I was offered!

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