Green Roofs


Birds-eye view of the West half of the farm. (Photo by Cyrus Dowlatshahi,

Our talk about food and revolutionizing the industry in class reminded me of a program that I happened to catch recently. It was about a commercial rooftop farm business in Brooklyn and Queens, NY. It stood out to me for a number of reasons. One is the scale of their operation. Both of their locations total 2.5 acres. Another is that they actually make money! Plus there are so many more benefits to this type of farming than I would have thought of. The rooftop farm helps keep the waterways clean, cleans the air, keeps the air cooler, and increases quality of life for city dwellers. They also educate the public and give tours to local school children. For some of the kids, growing up in a dense city like New York, they have little knowledge about where their food actually come from. They also have bees which apparently do quite well in the city since much of the plant life is ornamental. They put a lot of hard work into starting up their business, but it seems so rewarding and they have an incredible view!


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