‘Fish are friends, not food’

After watching different documentaries in class, I feel like The Cove is that one documentary that moved me in many aspects. After watching this I have been considering to be a Vegetarian, but slowly going to try as a Pescetarian first and for now I do not mind knowing the fact that the fish meal I ate undergo a killing process. However, this documentary is so touching it gave me chills and also made me feel uncomfortable just thinking that there are people out there that brutally kills fish, especially dolphins. For me dolphins are the dogs of the sea, man’s best friend. I believe that they have feelings, plus apart from that they are known to be intelligent. They travel in packs, and having to separate a member of the group is just heartbreaking. What is worst is that not only that the dolphins were picked and sold as to aquariums, but they made sure to kill the dolphins as slowly and as painful as possible. I just could not grasp the idea of anyone having the heart to do that. 


Watching this documentary does not only made me think about the pain the dolphins had to go through, but also other land animals or also known as livestock that a lot of us consume, when they were butchered. There may be people out there that tried to butcher these innocent creatures with inflicting the least pain, but as we know the packaged meats that have been processed and sold in supermarkets were treated differently. Not only the way that they kill the animals were inhumane, but the way they raise it are far worst. May be a bit off topic but this is my initial reaction right after watching the documentary.

I also happen to appreciate and look up on Hayden Panettiere that took part in the mission to stop the dolphin massacre in Japan. Also, she happened to be an animal lover and rescued a lot of animals which I think is a special characteristic a person have.


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