The documentary that we watched in class about dogs and their behavior was very interesting to me because i love dogs so much. Growing up i used to read books about dogs, and dog breeds because i wanted to learn anything i could about dogs. When i watched the video we saw in class i learned about how humans domesticated dogs which had always wanted to know. One of my favorite breeds would have to be the Australian Shepherd, which the breed does not originate in australia, it originates in the USA when australian herders came over and brought their herding dogs, and others believe that the breed originated in turkey 5,000 years ago. I happen to have an Australian shepherd, and his name is Clue and he is 13 years old. Australian shepherds were bred to herd, and growing up my dog would always try herd me and my brother when ever we ran outside. Dogs and humans have a special bond that the video we watched in class, they talked about the bond and how unique it is that we don’t have it with any other species.Image


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