Does this interest anyone else?



Bees have been in the news a lot lately mostly because of them disappearing and other bad things, but honestly bees are one of the most interesting creatures out there. Really! Honey is the only edible substance man eats that comes from the by product of an insect. Speaking on useable terms however we also find a use for their beeswax in many products.

Did you know that when food supplies are low they have been known to eat their young? Makes you glad you are not a bee huh? Something also interesting is that bees are not born knowing how to make honey, they are taught. Which raises the question, who taught the first bee how to make honey? Also the age of a bee determines what job it has. from the youngest feeding the larvae to the oldest collecting the pollen to make honey.

Bees also are not native to america, they were brought over with the europeans and were originally known as “white man flies”.


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