To be honest, I thought this documentary was going to be really boring, but I actually did enjoy it. Even though the topic is not super interesting it brought back a lot of childhood memories. I come from 3rd world country and back when I was a child we had no computers and tvs were a luxury. Because of that the playgrounds were always filled with other kids so what my friends and I did was play with the dirt! It was actually really fun, we would pretend to cook and make dirt cookies by mixing it with water or we would try to sculpt things out of it. Being dirty was not a concern back then, but as we started growing up our parents and teachers kept drilling into our head that its dirty and we shouldn’t play with it. Now I can’t even touch dirt without having to wash my hands afterwards.

I think its really interesting realizing I went from playing with dirt to not even going outside. It’s such a waste because nature is wonderful. Going out and getting some fresh air or even just opening the window and listening to the trees rustle, there’s something magical happening in our planet and everyone is taking it for granted. Dirt used to be people’s gold in the past, but now its just something people have to get rid of to get new things, but they are not realizing they are killing the Earth this way. Actually I’m sure some people do realize what they are doing, but in this day where everything is mass production and luxuries, there is no chance to spare the soil and that is just sad.


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