Cove Response

Who would actually think that all the happiness moment that we had when we watched dolphin shows, behind, lies a dark secret that we don’t really know.

That is what I had in mind when I watched the cove.  I never knew behind the innocent smiles that I always saw in dolphin in the aquarium, had a dark secret. I was shocked when I saw how Japanese fisherman treated dolphins. At some point I didn’t want to watch it because it was too gore or grotesque for me. How could they have a heart to do that? That is what I feel throughout the movie. The way they treated dolphin is too extreme and they way they treated the activist who wants to protect the dolphin are too weird and inhumane.


I kind of understand if the reason they want to get rid of those activist Is because they want to protect their income, but I feel like there might be a better way, or they can choose and alternative jobs, because their way of protecting themselves looks like some guy from a Yakuza in my mind, and to be able to do that, they must have known that they are doing illegal business, but why do they want to keep their jobs if it’s illegal.


Even one of the ministers tried to bribe other country to support their cause; I feel that it is very unhealthy to do that. Why do they want to do that? They know it is illegal, but they are still doing that to boost their income.


Watching this movie for some reason really makes me feel uncomfortable about government. Even though there are a lot of protests about dolphins’ treatment, the government did not do anything about it. And that is why I feels like I want t root for Ric O’ Barry because he is doing something, even though it might be quite extreme, it is for a good cause I like it, because he is doing something that is right, and actually I was very happy at the end when What Ric O’Barry did brought some impacts in his community.



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