The movie blackfish is about the story of one of the most famous killer whales Tilikum. This is one of the best movies i have seen and it really exposes the reality of what the cruelty is behind having captive intelligent marine animals. Tilikum is the largest killer whale and most famous whale that sea world owns. Sea world gains so much of their money off their live performances and one of the biggest stars of it was tilikum, and tilikum is also the most successful sire in captivity and has had 26 offspring that are owned and kept in captivity. Tilikum is not like any other captive orca because he has killed three people, and is still being used by sea world in their shows so they can gain more money. some speculate that the aggression he shows towards people is genetic and some of his offspring have shown aggression towards people too. The movie also shows just how intelligent the orca whale is, and how its so cruel to keep them captive the way they are. I highly recommend this movie to anyone because it is some thing that changes the way you view animals and other organisms.


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