Veganism lecture response

I’ve had a growing interest in the concept of vegetarianism for a number of reasons, so I began to watch some videos on my own regarding the reasons behind the subject.  Generally, I’ve found the same flawed argumentative standpoints in favor of vegetarianism throughout.  One lecture I watched on youtube I felt particularly merited a response.

Here is a link:

My resp

Though I’m not a practicing vegetarian, I support the idea of being a vegetarian and not abusing animals, but it pains me to see people like this guy being so dishonest in sensationalizing the issue.  His challenges are utterly ridiculous, and he has very little understanding of how we evolved as human beings to be omnivorous.  He says that we sweat while other predators pant, clearly labeling us herbivores, but herbivores also pant.  Our ability to sweat is very unique, and is actually derived from hunting practices whereby our ancestors would be able to chase down prey animals that needed to stop and pant to cool down, not allowing them to do so and causing them to succumb to heat stroke.  This is an effective hunting practice of many African tribes today.  His challenges that we should hunt prey with our bare hands and eat the whole animal raw are equally preposterous, as cooking and tools were the adaptations our early ancestors made that allowed us to consume meat safely, giving our species the calorie source we needed to survive in a harsh, changing climate, allowing, and possibly causing, our brains to dramatically increase in size so rapidly.  Now that we have nonviolent alternatives, it makes a great deal of sense to switch to them, but when so many people who support this change demonstrate such flawed arguments for the sake of dramatic effect, it only serves to discredit them and make people not take them seriously.  The fact is that there are lots of naturally carnivorous and omnivorous animals all throughout the animal kingdom down to the bacterial level.  The argument should be that nature is violent and unforgiving and we should aim to rise above it because we have the option and the unique ability above all other life forms to recognize the suffering of other species.  Conversely, I don’t think this kind of aggressive, emotionally based propaganda is an effective or honest way to change minds


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