The Reaction/Vanishing of the Bees. Perhaps a new type of Bee?

Great documentary, very informing! I had no idea honey bees were disappearing all throughout the world! Shocking.

Where are all the bodies? Could this be another, “it’s best that the public doesn’t know scenario”. If pesticides are killing or making these bees vanish/migrate wherever they’ve been transported, because it’s where pesticide dines, should scientists create a new kind of bee that can withstand these pesticides? Talking about upgrading our planet.

I really think corporations should think twice of their actions, before causing an implication. Like of course we transport livestock around the world, but I never knew bees would be transported around for pollination, it seems almost impossible to control. If scientists believe that this “Beemageddon” will cause a large debt in the agriculture industry, can we rely on corporation thinking tanks to guide us in the long run or a righteous science committee?



2 thoughts on “The Reaction/Vanishing of the Bees. Perhaps a new type of Bee?

  1. I don’t know if building a new super bee would be the best idea. They new bee could be come an invasive species that we created. I believe that we need to treat the bees with respect and as creatures then just a product and maybe things will be better.

  2. I have a feeling that these large companies could not care less with all these “small creatures” dying just because they think that insects can mate easily and make thousands of babies in a short period of time, BUT NO! And let’s be honest too that it would be so hard to raise awareness of this issue to the public, taking example of how much people do not give a crap with bigger issues like keeping endangered species away from extinction, let alone being concerned with the great decrease of the bee population.

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