Myakka State Park



I went to Myakka with my grandparents. It was beautiful. We went on the huge airboat. I was told there were a thousand gators. I was excited to go out on this huge boat and see gators everywhere. The boat was extremely slow so it was a bit of a let down.  Then we only saw one alligator! One out of thousand. It was a bummer. But it was warm out that day so all the gators stayed in the water Normally they will come onto the bank to cool off and regulate their body temperatures.  I did get some lovely pictures. And it was fun to cruise around.


3 thoughts on “Myakka State Park

  1. During the “winter” we have here in florida they don’t tend to come up and sun themselves as often. They are picky and think its cold.

  2. Woah, this place seem like a very cool place to visit. Plus the photographs are beautifully taken. That last picture is just wicked sick, it looks like an endless swarm of lily pads (are those even lily pads, idk but looks like it).

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