Going Organic




After our last class, Nov. 25, when we talked about organic vs. non organic, and how to really truly be healthy and green you should buy local I decided to make a visit to Jessica’s organic farm.

Nearly every weekend I try to make it out to the farmer’s market. And on holiday’s, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas, my family and I like to buy local citrus from local groves. Usually these are the only times/places I buy anything local. Most of the time I find myself buying produce from Mexico or from a state other then Florida, and what I usually buy is not organic. After learning in class about GMOs and how the variety of plant species is growing smaller and smaller, I decided I want to try to make an effort to buy organic, and more importantly, local. 

It saddened me to find out about how many plant species and varieties we’ve lost due to monocultures. I always wondered why every tomato at Publix is so perfect looking, and now I know its because of the selected and modified species. One of the interesting things I noticed about the tomatoes at Jessica’s Organic Farm and other local farmer’s markets is just how imperfect they are. They seem more “naturally formed”.


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