I’ve been noticing lately with the everything-organic products here in the states. Slowly, more and more companies labeled their product organic, which for some reason tempts a lot of people including me on buying that certain product over another good that doesnt have that same label printed on the packaging. However, I came to a point where I find it quite silly that these so-called organic goodies tend to be much more expensive than the non organic ones. Also, from last class I just knew that these labels can be somewhat tricky and may be misleading like how 100% organic is different from just organic labeled products.Image

Different to where I came from, back in Indonesia my mom shops for her groceries in traditional markets where most of the food were locally grown plus it was organic and the price are way cheaper than the one being sold in supermarkets. Where like I’ve mentioned before, here in the states it seems like the other way around, where organic or locally grown veggies tend to be much more expensive than the one sold in walmart or target. I am pretty sure that a lot of people today are well aware of the fact that food that were sold in supermarkets may not be completely good for our health in the long run, like the use of pesticides, GMO’s, etc. Having access to healthy food, should not be a struggle for us people living in the states, a first world country, just because of most of it being overpriced. Plus I think it would make much more sense if the non organic products being more expensive than the organic because of all the craps involved in the process, but I dont know maybe I’m wrong.


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