Food Chain Gang

Every person on the planet has made the same wish at least one time in their life, “I wish that bugs didn’t exist”.  Creepy crawlies invading homes across the world, scurrying across your kitchen floors, feasting on the sandwich that you turned your eye away from.  But if these pesky insects were to suddenly vanish from the face of the planet, there would be a gigantic chasm in the food chain.  Before the documentary, Bees were just honey producing machines that stung you if you got too close, but little did I know that bees were actually the biological farmers for our country’s crops today.  It’s ironic how we try to protect our crops with bug killers that actually ended up killing our crop makers, and with the disappearance of our natural planters, we may also see a vanishing act of our crops.  If the use of pesticides continues, we may have to label cucumbers, tomatoes, and all other produces as rare delicacies.



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