Chasing Ice

Aka “How long can I go until I destroy my knee for the better of humanity.” All, joking aside, the photography and his team in this film captured some the most beautiful images I’ve ever seen. 



Just look at that!

I was really rooting for James Balog. He sacrificed a lot of his time and effort for something so massive. I felt so frustrated at the beginning of the film when the politicians where debating whether or not global warming was real. I had a friend in high school tell me that she didn’t believe in global warming. I think that’s one of the factors that kept me from being closer to her.  I don’t understand. The proof has been there for decades. Fear and ignorance play a big part of  people not wanting to see it. 

I’m wondering, what’s he up to now? Taking more beautiful photographs, that’s what! <— You have got to see this. He’s also featured on TED, 


I tip my hat to you, James. 


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