Bye Bye Bees

Why are the bees gone? It’s kind of creepy isn’t it? No dead bees litter the empty hives, they’re just… gone. How does that happen? Even if the pesticides are killing the bees, where are their bodies? It’s just so weird. What’s doing it?

I didn’t realize how important the bees were to this society. I knew they pollinated flowers but i didn’t know they also pollinated most of the crops our farmers grow and that their demise would leave such an impact on this world. I also didn’t realize how important bee keepers were to this world either and that so many of them would be put out of business because of their disappearance. I felt so bad when we watched one bee keeper burn his empty hives that had been in his family for generations. And to think this may all be because farmers spray their crops with harmful pesticides that we continue to eat ourselves.

It’s weird how many things impact our society that you wouldn’t expect. Who would’ve thought that the common honey bee is actually quite an important part of the farming this country does and how badly our ecosystem would be one most of them died? I find it kind of disturbing how little I know about this world sometimes.



2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bees

  1. Bee mystery. I like the picture you chose. Thats crazy to see that almost every state has seen declines in honey bees. I wonder why all these states are seeing declines and a few others aren’t.

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