Wow I did not know that bee’s where that important that important. I have always been annoyed with bee’s and tried to get ride of them. I had idea that bee’s decide our fate. I did know that bee’s pollenate fruits and flowers. I was also pretty surprised that people rent out bee’s. Which got me thinking maybe the cross country shipping can be a big part in why the bee’s die. I mean it leave’s from  Florida then it makes an epic trip to California, when it goes to DC and other states. That is a pretty long and painful journey. For someone who drive from Dallas Tx to Sarasota FL is a real long trip and its really tiring and painful, being stuck in a cramped car. I can’t imagine doing that for every season. I am surprised that many bee’s died. Though it is really sad seeing a whole man’s career shatter into pieces like that. Which got me thinking we should really take care of what close bee’s in our garden. I will try to take care of the bee’s that fly around my backyard rather then trying to kill them. 





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