When watching the documentary on bees I kept wondering what was the true problem of the disappearance of the bees and what was the solution to what happened to the bees. I was surprise that in the part about pop culture that the film didn’t include the Bee Movie. Don’t judge, I know the film was pretty terrible but it did show the importance of bees to the world. Without bees fruit would be rare and probably very expensive and flowers would be practically not exist. We need bees. When there was no solution to commercial bee keeping but to go organic and think more about the bees the product they produce. From the film the organic beekeeper’s bees were happy, stress-free, and not suffering from CCD. The chemicals, the transportation, the new young queens; these might be all the symptoms of CCD. I would love to create a bee and butterfly sanctuary but my family has been known to have a deadly allergic reaction to bees. None of us really knows if we are allergic or not. I think with that garden I am going to plant I will invest in a beekeepers outfit to garden without risking my life and also this will also be a protective barrier from other creepy crawlies like spiders that I don’t want near, and most importantly, on me. Bees like any other creatures are important to the earth’s ecosystem but for the human ecosystem and the life as we once known it. The greatest paradise and promise land is one filled of milk and honey that can only be achieved if we help and save the bees.   Image


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