Bee-lieve It or Not

You are going grocery shopping at your local Publix or any other market in search of some honey. You finally find the aisle with an array of jars and plastic containers on a shelf filled with the yellow gold. Although the companies vary and the product designs range from a classic beehive to a bear with a nozzle on top (whoever thought of that one anyway?), they all seem to read the same on the label, “Honey: Natural”, or “Organic.” You probably wouldn’t think twice about putting one or two in your shopping cart, most people believe what they read, but what exactly is “organic” and more importantly, where the heck does it come from?


As like many of the other documentaries we watched in class, the one on bees was a little disheartening. Bees are a natural source to our environment and they are dying at a rapid pace. When you think about it, bees are the ultimate workers who don’t mind working overtime or on holidays, and for free! I think it is a shock to most people how much we need bees to be a part of our environment to pollenate flowers so we can have things like honey, but also help preserve other fruits and vegetables that they are also responsible for. It seems that honey is another thing that seems to be outsourcing as seen in the video farms were getting their loads from China. I think it’s more important to fix the problem at home instead of outsourcing to other countries and sweeping the troubles of the U.S. and agriculture “under the rug.”


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