A Better Way to Fish…Farm

After the discussion last week where we watched the TED talk regarding the fish farm in the southwestern corner of Spain, I began to question why others don’t adopt the same style of farming fish. There are so many great benefits to adopting this method that it really becomes somewhat ignorant not to do it this way. The ecosystem is healthier, water is purified, the fish (a.k.a our food) is healthier, as is the overall health of thousands of birds. One of the best parts of using this style of farming is that it requires very little interaction by humans. Create a wetland, fill it with fish, and let nature do the work for you. Every so often go in with nets and harvest the fish you want. It really seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it? So why don’t an overwhelming majority of fishermen adopt this method? Better yet, why don’t governments around the world require this kind of fish farm? For a country that claims to lead the way in innovation, it’s a little sad to see us stalling at the prospect of doing things in a new way. So what if we have to give up choice real estate if it means a healthier environment and plentiful, sustainable food sources? Is it really necessary for that multi-millionaire to have a sizeable estate on the waterfront? What strikes me as a bit hypocritical is the notion that there are people decrying the loss of natural habitat but then returning to their suburban home in the middle of what once was wetland. The sad thing is that we’ve been shown a better way! I’m not claiming to be an expert or even that I understand the politics involved with establishing a farm of this sort, but how can any country not see the value in what this one little farm has accomplished? We have laws governing the protection of natural resources and yet exploit them on a daily basis. We proclaim ourselves humanitarians and let people live in squalor and famine. We produce an inordinate amount of food and refuse to ship it efficiently or evenly. We love our trendy new ‘organic’ labels and yet charge a trendy price,ensuring that only the trendiest of people can afford them. And all the while we sit back in apathy and rationalize to ourselves that it’s just the way the world is. Maybe one of these days we’ll wake up and realize that this planet can only take so much of us. We used to live in harmony with nature, and there are people showing us that it’s not too late to change. Not just that, but it’s actually beneficial to do so! Maybe we can all learn that lesson before it’s too late. Maybe this little video about a modest fish farm in Spain can show us how.



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