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Ted Talks:Fell in love with a fish



When you come into class and see “I fell in love with a fish” on the board you get a bit confused. This was actually one of my favorite Ted Talks.  I really liked the idea that he loved the taste of a fish so much that he had to know everything about it.  He got in contact with the people who raised those fish. They were supposed to be so much better for the ecosystem. He called around to see what they ate and no one could answer. When finally found out that the fish were getting fed chicken parts.  After finding this out the once beautiful fish was different to him, he said it actually started to taste like chicken to him. He just couldn’t enjoy the fish anymore. This wasn’t his only love for a fish. He fell in love again this time with a fish that wasn’t even prepared that well. This was with a farm-raised fish from the wetlands. This fish ate what fish eat, not chicken. This was a really amazing fish farm. It was a huge canal used for flooding.  This is an all-natural fish farm, one that doesn’t just benefit the fishermen but also the birds in the area, which feed on the fish.

I’m not a huge seafood fan so I never really gave it a thought. But I’m now working at the Chart House which is a primarily seafood restaurant. We are known for our “fresh fish”. I’ve come to realize we only have one actual fresh fish caught in the gulf. The rest of the fish is flown in frozen which isn’t that bad. We do have one farm raised “fresh” fish, Tilapia. It’s disgusting. Everyone at work steers away from selling it. I asked around to try to find out where we get it. But no one could answer it. The tilapia tends to take on the taste of what is eats. It’s in a tank with hundreds of other tilapia, so it eats the waste. SO GROSS. I did a little more research on farm-raised tilapia and found out some pretty gross facts.  It is supposed to be seen as healthy but really scientists have found that the inflammatory potential of tilapia is far greater than that of a hamburger or bacon! They have also found high concentrations of antibiotics and pesticides and lower levels of healthy nutrients.



2 thoughts on “Whats for dinner?

  1. Wait, so you’re saying that the tilapia tastes like what it eats and it eats the waste of other tilapia?? That’s really gross. I don’t think I’m ever going to order tilapia again. D:

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