The No Impact Man Documentary



The no impact man was an interesting documentary. I thought it was great what they were trying to do.  I wish I could say I could do what they did and live without electricity but there is no way. I love my computer. The field we are in is dependent on technology. They more I thought about it the more I realized how spoiled we are. Almost everything in our daily lives relay on electricity. From the time I wake up, thanks to my alarm clock, to the time I go to bed turning on my a.c I am using electricity.      I may not be able to cut out everything completely but throughout the film I did see little things I could start picking up on though.  Simple things like unplugging electronics when not home. I honestly never thought about my tv using power when it was turned off. I could also ride my bike more when possible. Though it was easier for Beaven being in the city where everything is more accessable by bike. I have started shopping at local farmers markets. I’ve found that I can not manage my owner garden so the second best I can do is support local farmers in the community. I have done a much better job about turning off all the lights and a.c when I’m not home.  My mom and I have also gotten into using recycled materials to make furniture. We found palettes all around town and made a couch, bed frame and shelf out of them. So I may not be able to cut out use completely but I have definitely looked a little closer at what really needs to be used. Which was the point, he didn’t need people cutting out everything completely just seeing that they can make a difference


3 thoughts on “The No Impact Man Documentary

  1. Sometimes I wish the field we were in didn’t require so much technology. Imagine how much our carbon footprint would decrease if we didn’t have to edit photos or do digital illustrations everyday.

  2. I agree with you. Recycling, reducing wasteful usage of electricity, and supporting local farms were the main points of the documentary. I don’t think he was telling us we need to cut out toilet paper and toothpaste.

  3. True! I wouldn’t be able to give up a lot of the things we use in everyday life. Even if its not necessary, i still depend on them in a way, but that doesn’t mean its not possible to make little changes here and there. Good job!

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