The Cove

The Cove was a bit intense, as was the class discussion afterwards. I really enjoyed the movie even though it was disturbing. It was extremely eye opening. I had never thought about dolphin slaughters. It was amazing to see a group of people so extremely passionate about the dolphins putting their life on the line to make this known. I was surprised that the people of the town had no idea what was going on. For something that can be seen from the street you would think more people would be making a stand.  The fact that the fishermen were selling dolphin meat to natives marking it as other fish was sick, and the government knew what was happening. It shows how shady government can be. The scenes from international meetings showing Japan buying the support of small country that can’t support themselves were crazy. Also the scenes of the Japanese man that they showed the footage to first, the one who played stupid the whole time, were the best. Immediately after he was showed the footage he was like ‘where did you get that’ rather than trying to defend himself it was priceless.  



P.s the whole movie I thought of this. As others posted, so long and thanks for all the fish from The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. The very being of the movie starts off saying that we’ve always thought we are the smartest beings when that is not true. Dolphins are extremely intelligent animals. And we are just so caught up in ourselves.


One thought on “The Cove

  1. It infuriated me that the Japanese government knew they were selling dolphin meat so high in mercury to the public and did nothing about it. How can a government just let their people eat this stuff knowing how bad it is for them? It makes me sick.

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