No Impact Man Making an Impact.

When we started watching No Impact Man I didn’t think I would find myself to be so interested in what this family was doing. I thought “One man isn’t going to change the world or fix anything.” But isn’t that what everyone thinks at first? No one changes anything because they believe that they alone cannot fix the world’s problems. But this one man and his family didn’t care whether they saved the world, they just wanted to make it a better place to live, even if it was only for their tiny family and no one ever knew about what they were doing. But boy, did their family make quite a splash.

I was surprised to see how much hate the family got from people. People who judged them and made rude comments on their blog because they had the same outtake I did going into the documentary. How was a family of three going to make a difference? But they did make an impact. People became aware of what they were doing on a universal scale and they inspired people all over the world to start taking notice of the impact they had on the environment. I know that even I took a step back and realized that I had more of an impact on the world traveling and producing trash than I would ever think I did. One man really did make enough of an impact to change the world.



3 thoughts on “No Impact Man Making an Impact.

  1. I was also surprised at the feedback the family got. You think people would respect them for the things they were doing for their family and the community. We should get him to come do a talk at the school to make us more aware.

  2. It’s like what that one woman in the video said, if you make people feel uncomfortable with their actions they’ll react negatively. It would be really awesome if he came and spoke to the school though.

  3. I agree, If no one is willing to take initiative and do things out of the box, there won’t ever be a change and I think because humans have lived in comfort for so long, changing things up is just viewed as weird and frowned upon.

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