The bees…. my heart is open wide for these little buzzers now- they can make their hive in my chest and fill me up with honey ’til I die, those little helpless jerks.


After seeing so much information about the bees, I have such a larger appreciation for not just the bees, but our entire ecosystem as a whole.


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I do have a problem, though. Now that I know exactly what the disappearance of the bees is all about, it made me wonder- was this topic as exposed as people thought it was? I know that in this particular documentary, they made a note to talk about all of the media that has been created to help bring awareness to this issue surrounding the bees. But to be honest, when I saw all of that, I never really was INFORMED. Before now, all of that ‘media enrichment’ just left me with the idea that bees were dying and we had no idea why. But the answer is obvious! The bees shouldn’t be the topic of so much media exposure- it should be about the pesticides. Or at least include them just a little bit more. While bees are furry and cute and wonderful, serving for a great marketing device, I feel like it never went much deeper than that. I feel foolish for never seeking out more information on this subject on my own after countless movies, commercials, and campaigns about the bees. I never really knew anything about it! I never knew that all the food I was eating was just as close to the problem as the bees that were animated so cutely to get my attention to just tell me ‘WE’RE DYING’ and thats all. Now that I’m aware, though, I’m much more concerned with how little this country cares about the issue -or the big business, anyway- the little people aside.


France had taken the steps to bring this issue to light, protest, illegalize the EXACT pesticides that we use, and get RESULTS. And after having this evidence, we still won’t even /try/ to use this practice. It’s a horrible shame that this is being pushed under the carpet in favor of the awful practices we have in place. The more that I learn about the way things are being produced in this county, the more it feels like a sin to even go to a major grocery store. While I knew that it was an issue in the past, now I just feel sick knowing how many things really /are/ wrong with what I’m buying and eating. In hope for a better tomorrow, I know that I plan on doing my fair share to feed myself better, and make sure I’m not hurting any bees in the process. Maybe one day I’ll get into beekeeping too… maybe.


2 thoughts on “Bees!

  1. I totally agree that the media should’ve spoken more about why the bees were disappearing and dying than just the fact that they were gone. I don’t even remember hearing about it on the news let alone hearing about why this was happening to them. :\

  2. People are too daft to understand that that small creature provides more for this world than we ever could. Despite our vast amount of technological break throughs, we’ve never done anything that helps this planet without helping ourselves first. We’re a young, selfish race. We can only aspire to be as noble as the bee.

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