Is Fresh and Organic Food Better Than Canned Food?

Today, we are pushing trend of eating fresh, green and organic food for nutrition, but the truth is that fresh and organic food is NOT necessarily than canned food, in many cases canned food is more nutritious.

I read that scientists discovered that canned fruits and vegetables provides just as much dietary fiber and vitamins as the fresh vegetables. In some cases, canned food are more nutritious. For example, canned pumpkin provides 540% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A, while fresh pumpkin only provides 26%

Fresh food normally starts to loose nutrients when they are picked. After that, they have to sit in the ware houses or in the transportation facilities. By the time they reached in the super market, it has taken a week, plus that they might wait longer to be purchased by consumers. However, canned food are canned right after they are picked and when they are already ripped. It only takes hours to be processed. Therefore most of the time, canned food preserve more vitamins than fresh food.





5 thoughts on “Is Fresh and Organic Food Better Than Canned Food?

  1. Sounds interesting. Still, it also depends what they put into the canned food. You can put tones of sugar and “natural flavors” and coloring and preservatives and things like that, and then it becomes something else.

  2. Also, back home canned food is a big thing. It usually happens that in summer and autumn we eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and also during that time prepare canned food, and then eat canned food in winter and spring, so there are vitamins and nutrients all year long. Mostly grandma’s do that

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  4. While I’m sure that canned food has all of the same nutrients as food that isn’t canned, I prefer the taste of fresh food. Also, some things do better canned than others. Canned fruits and vegetables generally do well, but fish is definitely better when it’s fresh. I think it also depends on what kind of preservatives are used.

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