Going Green

Over the last few years “Being Green” has risen in popularity considerably. Whether or not it’s changing your light bulbs to more energy efficient ones or it’s cutting out all of the chemically treated meats from you diet and only buying organic, the consumer market loves the idea of this healthy lifestyle, many for different reasons of course. For some the appeal of organic, healthier eating leading to longer lives and less health problems is worth the sacrifice of high processed snacks and for others it’s just following another fad. Either way you look at it this health food revolution can be such a great thing for consumers around the world.

Everywhere food companies have been creating healthier more natural versions of their popular products to follow this health craze. But unfortunately as you could imagine there are those companies that seek to take advantage of this. They label their food as natural while their products still contain growth hormones and pesticides. And that is where the difference between organic and natural comes from. While food labeled as organic is heavily regulated, anything labeled as natural can contain any number of potentially unhealthy chemicals, but this also means that farmers are able to treat their animals with antibiotics and medicines when they become sick while organic farms cannot.

So as this “going green” phase continues I think it’s very important that consumers are well educated about the choices available so greedy big name companies don’t take advantage of them. There are organic farms everywhere that have been creating good, natural food for decades and they need to be at the forefront of this movement so hopefully these companies will give them the recognition deserve.



4 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. Its really difficult to tell which crops are really organic from those companies who put organic on just for the money and I think going green is really important especially how the world is now.

  2. I also always notice the “natural” labels, and I always think that this are mostly companies that don’t want to do the regulations, but want to get a benefit from the “go green” craze.

  3. I know that not everyone in this country can afford having organic food, but I think the government should encourage people purchasing green and organic food in the market because it will also urge other companies to go green and go organic.

  4. I’ve been seeing some really neat seed and fruit based snacks recently, but of course it’s really hard to tell if the box is actually telling the truth as far as whether it’s organic or not. Even if it’s in small steps, I’m happy that companies are willing to mass-produce products that are advertised as healthy and may or may not do well in the long run.

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