Fish Farming in America

In America, fish farming usually considered neutrally or sometimes negatively responses. Majority of food comes from large farms. It does take so much convincing for Americans to like farming fish.

It is believe that one of the reasons is because there are not too many fish farms in North America. North America only produces about 2% of the world’s aquaculture. Instead, in China or Thailand, fish farming facilities are everywhere. A lot of fish farms in developing countries are small and the fish do not have good living conditions.

America needs more fish farms, many Americans view fish farming facilities as eyesores and a negative change, however it really like all the other agriculture, with proper managements and controls, Americans can produce high quality farm fish.

However, it is after all not a simple question, for example should we consider wild-caught fish to be sustainable, when many fish populations are heavily over exploited? Should we avoid eating farmed shrimps since shrimp farmers use sophisticated techniques to clean the water, reduce farm effluents and control diseases?

Americans must know more about how their food is manufactured and which method is the most sustainable. Most of the time, it is even very hard to determine if the food you eat in the restaurant are from farms or not. After all, Americans need to gain more information about the products they buy in the market, until then, they could decide if farmed fish is really accepted by most Americans.



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