Honey Bees vs. Humans

Watching the honeybee video was no surprise to me, I knew how vital honeybees are to our ecosystem and environments—they are the main producers of keeping flowers blooming, our fruits fresh and many other things that are necessary not to our survival, but for the animals’ survival as well. If all the bees just suddenly went extinct, our world would be in great peril as well as the survival of our own species (and animals as well). We don’t usually think about the consequences one thing has against another, we just take and assume everything will be replenished and given back to us like magic, but the truth is that we also have to play a part in protecting anything that is vital to our and the world’s survival. Another sad thing is that insects especially, we think of them as pests that should be exterminated immediately without a second thought—all insects help us out in various ways. Whenever I see an insect in the house, I would do anything to get it outside rather than watch it get killed with sprays or fly swatters. But I find it funny that if a dolphin population or if an endangered species is threaded (orangutans, tigers, etc) are slowly dying out, everyone rushes to help them, but when an insect is in peril, no one would take a second glance. It’s kinda sad we think that way…all species are important to our survival no matter how big or small.



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