So Long and Thanks for all the Fish?

I love food, I mean really love food. So watching this video I knew what Dan Barber was talking about, even though I don’t really eat fish. Nor do I eat meat that often because most of the time its not  that flavorful, due to industrialized farming. A truly good piece of meat, doesn’t even have to be seasoned a lot because it is raised well. As he proved in his whole talk about the natural farm out in Spain. In all honesty if you have never had organic beef jerky or steak or even chicken go an try it, you’ll be amazed on how delicious it is and how little seasoning you need to put on it.  Even vegetables and fruit taste better, anything grown in a caring environment tastes good because it reflects the healthiness of the earth. Good earth produces good food end of discussion. 



4 thoughts on “So Long and Thanks for all the Fish?

  1. My mom used to tell me that when she was little, chicken soup was always very oily, a layer of yellow color oil floating on the soup. She realizes that nowadays when you try to make chicken soup, there is little oil coming out, and the chicken is lack of flavor compare with the chicken that she ate when she was little.

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