What are we eating?

We as humans always try to MORE of things and think about how fast we can make it. I understand that we have a lot of us living in this world, but its really sad on what we do to animals to produce food. In the Ted talk he states that it takes about 15 fish to make a can of tuna. 15 for one can of tuna. Why does it take so much to make on can of tuna. And that one can of Tuna doesn’t even taste good as well. If we spend more time thing about how we can use or food more useful then maybe we can have more food to give out. What I also agree with the Ted talk it the fact we try to force our food the grow, rather then try to let it grow on our own. My father is a Chef and he takes his time to make all the food he makes for the customers. The more time you let a dish develop the better. Thats why I totally agree with the Ted talk, about how he was talkin about the fish tasting good because it was grown in its natural way.  Chipotle created an animation short that I thought was amazing, it showed how we as a society will eat something with out questioning where it comes from, as long as it taste like what we except. But we dont know what it came from, or what the animals had to go through. We need to think about what kind of meats we eat, or how farmers do to our food. 


Link to Chipotle’s scarecrow:



One thought on “What are we eating?

  1. That was a great video. I love how it is geared to people of all ages. Allowing kids to understand about what their food could be and that they can make a difference.

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