The Secret Life of the Cat

So we watched the dog documentary at the beginning of the semester, and I was wondering, where’s the cat documentary? What about the kitties? The truth is, scientists don’t know as much about cats because they’re stil somewhat feral. Humans haven’t domesticated cats as much as dogs, so it’s been harder to study them.But after I watched this video, I learned a lot of interesting things. Cat scientists took 50 outdoor cats and put a tracking device collar on them. They found that the cats patrolled over there territory, which included their owners homes. Usually, each individual cat went in eqi-distance directions from each side of their home, as if they were pro-trolling their territory. But there we a few cats that walked for miles away from their homes, eventually coming back. That surprised the scientists. Wild cats are solitary for the most part, and a lot of the cats did not share space. Many would have vocal show-downs. Sometimes the showdowns ended in violence and fighting, but not usually. But some cats actually shared territories. Groups of two or more would use the territories at different times, almost as if they were taking shifts. They also found that cats might be cozying up to each other more than ever before-a trait that is happening from slow domestication. Our cats in the future may be totally different from our cats now.


2 thoughts on “The Secret Life of the Cat

  1. I found this article on the domestication of cats:

    I noticed how you pointed out that they were still somewhat feral, so it made me curious as to why. From this article, and other ones I researched, it seems as though cats kind of domesticated themselves, rather than humans actively attempting to do so. They did so “about 12,000 years ago, actually. And their mission was food, not friendship.”

    It is funny how it had been so long and not too much has changed with cats. However, I think the video you found and the facts you posted from experiment shows a gradual change in their behavior. Nice post!

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