TED Talk: Wasting Food

Even though I’m not a big fan of fish (I can’t eat fish, it makes me ill), hearing about the amount of people that are starving and in need of food, the TED talk that spoke about these issues, the love affairs with fish, really was an eye-opener about the way the fish industry is running. The amount of food that gets wasted during their process only gets more and more astoundingly sad as they go on to explain it in the video. What is quite terrifying is the amount of food that is wasted during the process—and it is not just fish that gets wasted at times, but other foods like meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. Whenever I drive by a garbage dump area, I cringe at the sight of seeing so much wasted food just dumped and thrown away like it’s worth no value, but it is very valuable. I feel as though if we really manage the amount we eat, we can save so much food without the need of wasting or seeing it thrown out in garbage cans. Unfortunately, we consume so much without a second thought.




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