My parents’ a new challenge

I’d like to tell my family story.

Once upon a time in korea, we’d made everything by head or gotten everything from nature.

My family live in a city of korea which in smells like automobile exhaust fumes, everywhere covered asphalt and concrete.

One day, My parents discussed to built a small house like cottage, because they missed memories of childhood like sand smell and fresh breeze giving trees.

In 2011, They started to built cottage and tried to use wood, sand rocks supplies except pillar.


inside of the house my mom decorated all. she dye wall papers by natural color using brown sand and  charcoal. also made window frames using bamboo.


they grew onion, garlic,corn, and tomatoes. also they challenged to grow mushrooms too.cottage_1_2

this year, my parents want build an icehouse that is help to keep cold in summer.

however, my mom said ” we can’t live here forever because we get used to live in the city.”

therefor, my parents come to the house on the every weekend.





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