How to make an impact without making a mark.

In the documentary “No Impact Man”, although the Eco warrior family did their very best in making no impact to their environment, their ways in achieving this in their “no impact” strategy in my opinion, and most likely for the average American’s opinion, was extreme and expecting more of people in our comfy lifestyle.  As time passes, what seems to be wants turns into needs, as the resources that the family gave up, ranging from make up to electricity, seemed like radical choices, even being considered child abuse.  The film did make a good point and did bring up the problems and detriments of wasting electricity and buying non organic not local foods and products and made viewers think about what resources and techniques one could use to also make a smaller impact to the environment to longer keep the world at a healthy state.  Buying local organically grown food, using greener resources of energy like solar paneling rather than cheap coal energy, and buying more decomposable products can preserve the Earth longer.  


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