Living a life with the most minimal involvement of technology, electricity and the modern lifestyle sounded like a nightmare not just for me, but I’m pretty positive for most people out there. The ‘no impact man’, or also known as Colin Beavan, is that man that is brave enough to take that shot. He takes being a ‘hardcore-environmentalist’ to a whole new level. I understand that there are millions of people out there that lives in the kind of lifestyle that he approached, like only eating locally grown food, not participating in using technology, electricity and machine-powered transportation and so on, but what made him an impressive person is that he does this in New York, in a metropolitan city where living that kind of lifestyle sounds impossible. If I had to follow his lifestyle even if I were paid for it I would refuse that offer. However, there are some things from the movie that I found reasonable to put in practice in our life. 


Oh, I also would like to point out some point to address to my vegan sister from this documentary that I found very important, especially the fact that she is a vegan and cares a lot about the environment. She just converted into a vegan about a year ago, however she bought a lot of stuff from the overseas just because it’s made for vegans, not taking in mind that the way the things she bought is shipped is not really so environmental friendly. Also she threw away all her non-vegan friendly products instead of recycling it. Not that I am judging someones lifestyle but I just feel like if one person wants to follow a particular lifestyle, they should commit to it 100%. Apart from that, she’s somewhat a role model for me because I am thinking of maybe going vegan so that I could help the world even if it’s not that much.


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