Poisonous Seafood

I’m not surprised most farm-raised fish are fed chicken, most cows are fed corn. People do whatever they can to make things easier and in the end it doesn’t do us any good. In fact, it kills us. This class has introduced me to how disgusting our food industries truly are and I wish I could give up all the things I currently eat and grow my own food. It seems no matter what you buy at a grocery store will have some sort of negative back-story as to where it came from or how it was produced.

But on the topic of fish…I love fish. I eat it all the time and I will be eating it even more since my parents just moved up to Destin, FL. I will be sure when going out to fish eateries to ask the waiter or chef where the fish comes from.  The question, “Farm raised or wild-caught?” will never get old. Since I actually don’t know too much about farm-raised fish, I did some browsing around websites for some facts. I don’t know how much of this is true but here are some possibly scary truths about seafood:

Apparently chicken feces is one of the main ingredients that go into farm fish feed. Farm-bred fish have low levels of healthy nutrients since they are kept in cages, they have the tendency to be fattier. Dibutylin levels, a chemical used in pvc plastics is said to be 6 times higher in farm-raised mussels compared to wild ones. Dibutyln is most likely the reason why there is such a rise in asthma, obesity, and other metabolic disorders. Dioxin levels are also high in farm-bred salmon which is a toxic chemical that can lead to cancer.

If these are true then well, good job human race for continuing to poison us all. At this rate our future doesn’t look so promising.



2 thoughts on “Poisonous Seafood

  1. Hey Stephanie,

    I agree with you on how negative farm-raised fish stock can be. It’s just crazy to feed a fish anything so removed from its natural environment as ‘chicken pellets’ or feces, and then turn around and expect a human body to absorb it without negative effects. Fish should be fed what fish normally eat!

  2. After watching the Ted Talk, I’ve gotta say that I’m kind of happy I don’t eat fish. The idea of basically eating fish-chicken (you are what you eat so fish are just water dwelling chicken) is just not appealing.

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