Paul Mitchell

Since the class is on the topic of environmental impacts I thought I would share a little fun fact. In high school I was enrolled in cosmetology which I am sure a lot of people know that for the most most of the products cosmetologists use impact the environment in a negative way. What you might not know is there is a line of products by Paul Mitchell that plant trees every time you buy one these products. The products are made of tea tree extract as well as other natural ingredients (which I myself use and enjoy). Also there is no animal testing! I had done a research project on Paul Mitchell at the time I had started my cosmetology classes and never knew it might come in handy when I got to college but I will leave the website URL incase anyone is interested in changing up their hair products.



5 thoughts on “Paul Mitchell

  1. I used to use his products, but the store brands are cheaper. And I refuse to buy designer brands of hair products outside the salon because I know that they’re not supposed to be sold in stores. My hair dressers drilled that into me.

    • No you shouldn’t buy it in stores like walmart or publix because it is usually black market or expired. I find it better to use the tea tree stuff because it is helpful for me and I find it worth it because my scalp and hair feel awesome (which is super awesome) and it helps the environment which is also awesome. Out of all the products out there Paul Mitchell is my favorite 🙂

  2. I already use a tea tree shampoo, but I was unaware Paul Mitchell made this type of shampoo and the great cause it supports. I agree, I love how tea tree oil makes my hair/scalp feel so I’ll definitely try this out next time I buy shampoo. Thanks for the heads up!

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