No Impact Man Response

After seeing The documentary of the No Impact man, I felt very guilty inside, because all I did this past few weeks have been very bad for the environment but I was just going with my life as if nothing really happens, because i had no idea that what I did was bad for the environment. After watching this movie it makes me want to re-evaluate all my bad habits that really harms the environment and make it better

it really inspiring to see this movie, because since we live in a developed country, we are so spoiled with all kinds of facilities such as public transport, all kinds of foods, electricity, television, and many more; and to be able to live without all that really something that really takes a lot of effort to do so, it seems like they are trying to go back to a traditional lifestyle. though at some part, they do take it really extreme like shampoo, toothpaste, (detergent). If it was me, I don;t know if I’m going to survive that. throughout the movie I kept, wondering whether I could live without this or that and to my surprised I realised that almost all the things that Beavan gave up on for this project, I can’t do it, like the electricity, television, fridge. I guess i can say that, though I support the cause I’m kinda similar to his wife. it seems that she is suffering throughout the project. it shows in the documentary that she complaints about a lot of aspect that Beavan do. if it was me, I don’t know how many times i would complain but I know it would be a lot too.

However, after seeing the ending on how Beavan’s wife lifestyle changes after doing this project, it makes me want to try the “no Impact man” lifestyle, with some modification so that it would not be very extreme. In a way, I feel that Beavan’s project of “no impact man” can create a healthier lifestyle and I feel that it is a good thing to learn.



One thought on “No Impact Man Response

  1. I felt the same way when I watched the film. At the end of the movie when he says if every individual just does what they can do an impact can be made. So even if everyone only changes one thing individually then everyone can can make an impact together.

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