“No Impact Man” Verses Freeganism…

I feel like these guys do it better…




Freeganism started in the mid 1990s out of the anti globalization and environmentalist movements.  It is generally associated with an anti- consumerist ideology and other alternative life styles. Freeganism is the practice of reclaiming food, clothing, and other items that have been thrown away. Their entire lifestyle is based on limited participation in the economy and minimal consumption of resources. They relay largely on community, freedom, cooperation, generosity and sharing.



To get food Freegans participate in dumpster diving, plate scraping, wild foraging, gardening, and bartering (and other noncapitalist ways to obtain food).


Through dumpster diving good condition food can be found in the dumpsters at super markets, and restaurants simply due to it approaching a ‘sale by date’ marker (come on we all know that not all the food that reaches this date is bad).  The idea behind doing this is that this food will not go into landfills and by them eating the waste there is more better quality food to go towards the hungry. Additionally as mentioned before they can acquire tools and clothing this way too.


Freegans understand the risks of dumpster diving and have precautions while doing it such as using poles to shift though garbage bins instead of their hands, as well as  cleaning of food before consumption.


It’s not uncommon for freegans to live ‘off the grid. Sometimes freegan have their own communities and have community gardens where food is grown and shared.


Housing can also be scavenged for some Freegans.s Squatting is not an uncommon practice. This is when someone who doesn’t have the legal rights to a property lives there.


To learn more you can read up on the Freegan website (apparently manufacturers throw away laptops and Wi-Fi towers too…) http://freegan.info.




This site has an awesome video at the bottom




 Again here is another video.


And for those who would like to look into it more I believe there is a documentary on Netflix


3 thoughts on ““No Impact Man” Verses Freeganism…

  1. Whoa… I don’t think I would ever be able to do that! I’ve grabbed cardboard on other “broken” art supplies out of a trash can, but taking food! That sounds like it could be very dangerous to your health. It’s cool that people do it though.

  2. The only part I think is a little iffy is the dumpster diving for food only because there can be all kinds of contaminates in it but the bartering and farming stuff sounds good. I mean to each their own and I certainly wouldn’t judge them for that but I wouldn’t personally go dumpster diving for food. Even though it is a little off topic I just think it is interesting that I am hearing about this because just a couple days ago a friend of mine that works at sweet bay had a guy that would pull out meat from the dumpster and then return it for money saying that he bought bad meat. (totally not the same thing but just something that popped into my head about dumpster diving at stores.)

  3. This is so cool! Dangerous, as was mentioned with the dumpster sanitation comment, but still great to hear. I always suspected there was a ton of perfectly good food being thrown out daily, but this really confirms it for me.

    I wonder how the Hammond Commons disposes of the leftover buffet food? They can’t legally wrap it back up for another day or donation, and they don’t compost, so it all must go into the trash. That can’t go on for much longer…

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