Ocean and Finding Resources

I’ve never really thought about the destruction and pollution of the ocean before. I mean, sure I watched several documentaries and Free Willy, Flipper, Finding Nemo and other ocean films that reflect man’s destruction of the ocean and killing habitats within them. The more that I think about it, the more troubling it is. The real reason why I never thought about it, is because I’m never around it. That’s usually the problem with global issues because it’s not effecting day to day life but rather a much more broader topic. I agree with what all the scientist state that we need to get off fossil fuels and develop more efficient resources such as solar, wind, hydrogen and electric power. The problem that most of these cost so much money and the fact there is so many clinches. For example with electric cars, they can only travel a certain distance and then get powered up again over night. You can get it power in your own house but if you’re going to a long distance travel, you can’t use it. Not to mention all these resources are expense and take time to be effective.  Because we’re in troubled times (as we always are from looking back at history) it’s hard to develop these new ideas because of budget cuts, economic growth and development. Not to mention foreign trades of oil, fossil fuels and other things. In my own personal opinion, America needs to be making more work for our own people and start developing these resources faster and cost effective for consumers in order to get people back to work and be able to help nature, the ocean in particular. I personally love shrimp and like to explore other sea food such as lobsters and in order to save these and other beautiful sea creatures, one has to make these resources happen.



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