Can one truly change their eating habits fully?

I myself am a vegetarian. I have been all my life. I believe that if we raise our children to bee vegetarian they will result in staying vegetarian. At an early stage the stomach will develop and then if you have not eaten meat since then you most likely won’t ever. That is unless you’re willing to withstand a lot of pain and getting sick. I remember when I accidentally ate meat when I was only 5 years old. I got very sick afterwards. The doctor said that my stomach is not used to meat.

Many of my friends have tried to get me to eat meat. I always refuse. I’m constantly asked “How do you live?!” Well seeing that I’m still alive right now, I’d say I’m just fine without meat. People can change their eating habits. My best friend was a meat eater. She loved it. Then all of a sudden she decided to become vegetarian. I thought it wouldn’t last for long. However, she proved me wrong! In fact, she proved me so wrong by then becoming vegan! I believe with enough determination people can change for the better.



2 thoughts on “Can one truly change their eating habits fully?

  1. While I’ve heard of other people as well who have gotten sick from eating meat like yourself, that can go both ways. There are people who can also become sick by NOT eating meat. Many people who wish to be vegetarian or vegan cannot because of the impact it has on their health. This can be said for certain individuals who go from no meat to meat all of a sudden as well- but it’s best to say this is something that varies from person to person, choice or not. While some people can become vegan without a problem, some can’t. It wouldn’t be fair to just expect everyone to be able to change from ANY side of that fence- yours or otherwise.

  2. Can this go towards processed foods like candy as well? I eat three of four candy bars a week, something sweet everyday. I’m not fat too but my body isn’t as healthy as it could be and I always feel sluggish afterwards. I know I have an incredibly unhealthy diet but when I cut back or cut out sweets from my diet I get depressed. And I don’t mean I just sit and pout because I want candy, I actually get a hopeless feeling and will seek solitude and cry. I’ve been this way for a long time, but it has gotten worse in the past few years.

    It would be wonderful to reduce my sweets intake due to health reasons, but also since it is all processed it would be great to not waste resources on something that give such little nourishment.

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